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Oh That’s Punny

The name of this site is punny, really punny: Hairy Twatter. I believe that to be derived from Harry Potter and while the site doesn’t resemble the series in any way, it’s purely phonetic, I still like it.

It’s a good thing this little librarian looking girl is showing us where the honey is because I might not have found it in that jungle of hers. Not that I didn’t know where it is but because I wouldn’t have bothered.

It’s pretty easy for me to understand that there are people, apparently many, who like hairy pussies and bush like we’re back in the sixties while it is a complete turn-off for me. It’s easy for me because I am turned on by fat-assed midgets getting fucked by robots while it probably does nothing for you.

I’m not really turned on by that but you get what I mean. Different strokes for different folks.

So, you bush loving freaks, this site’s for you with a Hairy Twatter discount for 56% off now.

For All the Hairy Twat Fans

I saw this ad for a great discount to a well known and well established porn site. Actually I think it’s a network with a couple of fetish sites. While bush really isn’t my thing I know some of you really like it so you could use this ATK Hairy discount for 43% off.

I personally couldn’t even fake or act like I enjoy hairy pussies, I wouldn’t have the first clue of what to even say beyond obvious stuff like “hey, look at that lovely hairy twat”. I actually think this girl in picture probably has a really pretty pussy but all of that hair just completely ruins it for me which is particularly disappointing because she is so cute.

I think she should name her pussy George Bush, not only because that is obviously appropriate as far as word play is concerned but also because I always thought he was a bit of a cunt. Junior specifically.

But heh, like I said there are some other sites in the network too so it’s still a bargain.

This Is So Much Better

I can actually not stand hairy pussy but now that I’ve seen it like this I have to say this is fine. Actually it’s perhaps even better than fine because I’m not particular fan of completely shaven either.

Let me start with the bush first. It seems that for the longest time when reference is/was made to bush it was like the 60’s hippy shit where it’s hair everywhere. If you haven’t then take my word for it that even if you don’t find it as unsightly as I do, it is disgusting to go down on.

As far as completely shaven my problem with that is that I don’t find 8 year olds sexy so if you’re going to parade around with a pussy that looks the same as an 8 year olds then that just doesn’t work for me either. I find women so sexy, please be a woman.

What this girl has done here is somewhat new to me and I think I like it. I might just be late to the part though as I see there’s an entire site with teens with some bush and there’s even a Femjoy discount with 82% in savings.

Genuinely the Girl Next Door

It is with thanks to sites like Abby Winters, and there are very few of them and even less of this quality, that amateur girls even have the opportunity give freedom to their sexuality in this manner and of course the same goes for those who appreciate it, us.

It is indeed of course a two way street. There would be no reason for these girls to show themselves off if nobody wanted to watch them do so. It is the perfect ying-yang, the desire to show oneself off to others and the desire of others to receive and appreciate exactly that.

I’m not going to sit here and make it sound like it is only poetic and beautiful though but I wanted to take the time to insist that it isn’t all dark and dirty, that it isn’t just porn. Although it certainly is that too, in fact it wouldn’t have the extent of appeal that it does if it wasn’t for both components.

Get up to 53% off with our Abby Winters discount and make yourself at home at arguably the best amateur soft porn site around today.

What a Pleasant Surprise

I was browsing some porn because I was bored and when I get bored, well, I often masturbate, when I stumbled onto a site called Girlfriends Films and I thought it was one of those ‘show off your girlfriend’ sites. You know the ones where butt-hurt guys send in nudie pics of their ex-girlfriends that was shared in trust but now the guy is so sour that he’s hellbent to get revenge by having the whole world see her naked. Basically crybaby assholes.

Well, I fucking love those sites. Not that some guys’ revenge part gives me a kick and neither that I’m a sadist and relish in the pain of some random chick’s hurt over her twat all over the net. Nope, it’s because I get turned on by the taboo of it as well as the voyeurism. Yup, I’m freaky like that.

So I popped into the site and it wasn’t that at all. It was actually about lesbians, that was what the girlfriends parts meant and they were getting stuck into each other seven ways from Sunday.

I was not disappointing and then especially so when I noticed there’s a $30 discount offer from Girlfriends Films.


Australian Amateurs

From the best of my recollection GirlsOutWest hosts media of Western Australian amateur chicks, either solo, or lesbians.

Perhaps that’s how it started out. Not that I have any evidence to substantiate this not have I bothered researching as I really don’t think it matters, but I’m not completely convinced that all the girls featured are necessarily only from Western Australia these days. It just seems too restrictive to make practical sense.

Be that as it may, the pics and scenes depict beautiful authentic amateur girls predominantly in natural setting from what I can tell. Not just natural, but literally out in nature.

Even those that are not captured in the bush, some field or on the beach have a very natural and relaxed feeling about them.

Check out this nice discount to Girls Out West at 58% off and enjoy.