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Month: September, 2020

Fluffy Pussy Awaits

It’s not very often anymore that you find a girl with a hairy pussy. Most chicks shave themselves completely, or cut designs in the hair between their legs. It’s a trend I’ve never understood. I had a girlfriend for years that I begged to grow her hair out and she flat out refused. She said it itched when it was growing back and she just preferred to be smooth-shaven. To each their own I guess, but personally, I love the way it feels when hair tickles my cock as I enter a tight pussy. I’m also a fan of running my fingers through it while I play with her clit and you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for a creampie. 

Thankfully, I can head over to Cam BB and find any kind of chick I want. There are plenty of cam girls with hairy pussies to keep me occupied. I can take them into the private room and get a little one on one time with them, or even use the Cam to Cam feature so they can see me at the same time.