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This Is So Much Better

I can actually not stand hairy pussy but now that I’ve seen it like this I have to say this is fine. Actually it’s perhaps even better than fine because I’m not particular fan of completely shaven either.

Let me start with the bush first. It seems that for the longest time when reference is/was made to bush it was like the 60’s hippy shit where it’s hair everywhere. If you haven’t then take my word for it that even if you don’t find it as unsightly as I do, it is disgusting to go down on.

As far as completely shaven my problem with that is that I don’t find 8 year olds sexy so if you’re going to parade around with a pussy that looks the same as an 8 year olds then that just doesn’t work for me either. I find women so sexy, please be a woman.

What this girl has done here is somewhat new to me and I think I like it. I might just be late to the part though as I see there’s an entire site with teens with some bush and there’s even a Femjoy discount with 82% in savings.