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Why is Online Sex Dating So Popular?

The whole idea of online sex dating might have caused a scandal as recently as ten years ago. Thanks to the Internet, an increasing percentage of Americans’ attitude towards casual sex has changed. More and more people are completely fine with using the Internet to find random strangers to fuck. This usually isn’t the problem with guys, but the biggest development is among women. It all boils down to changing attitudes and changing economics.
You have to understand that with this modern economy, people are really busy, and they also tend to lead very compartmentalized lives. This means that sex has become a commodity. They are perfectly okay with treating sex the same way they would treat, let’s say, Indian food, Thai food, or going to the gym. It’s just another item on their agenda or another thing that they put on their calendar.
This is why it’s no surprise that all sorts of anonymous sex sites are popping up all over the place and doing brisk business. The reason of course is the huge demand. The reality is that women are just as horny as men. In fact, given society’s previously conservative attitudes, a lot of this demand for sex has built up among women and thankfully, it has now found its release in the form of these anonymous sites. A lot of these websites use fake names. You can meet somebody who’s hot, and she turns out to be a real woman and you bang, and that’s it. Everybody forgets and moves on.
This is a great thing for people who realize that sex is a basic human drive. Just as you have a drive to eat, sleep, shit, and piss, you also have a drive to fuck. So if used properly and handled responsibly and safely, this can lead to overall improvements in well-being and mental states.