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There are lots of restaurants in my city. Pretty much anything I might want to eat, I can find here without trouble. Yet I seem to stick to the same handful of places. I always want to see the menu and I want to see lots of options on it, but then I end up ordering the same old things anyway. It’s kind of like that with porn too. I stick with specific sites and type of content. I’m a creature of habit.

I am really trying to be better and more willing to branch out into new territory, but it’s difficult. If I am paying for something, I want to know my money is going towards things that will make me happy. Sort of like Marie Kondo’s advice to only have things that spark joy. Yellow Curry sparks joy for me. Pho does not. Uncensored Asian teens whimpering and moaning while taking fat dick sparks joy. A lot of other niches do not.

To make branching out in my porn viewing habits a little easier, I have been checking out what gets posted on this hairy Asian pussy review site. It’s helping me to find sites that have enough of what I want to lure me in, as well as new stuff to keep me intrigued.