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a Hairy Bush and a Cute Round Tush

I love a natural woman, the type of girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. It’s so rare and special to find that quality in a teen, they’re usually so self conscious and always trying to conform to what they think others like, rather than embracing their natural sex appeal. But when you find one who shows off her hot body exactly the way it, including her hairy pussy, well that’s about the hottest thing I can think of.

Take this brunette babe Velvet here. She let’s her silky sweet bush grow wild, with her dark hairs spreading down from her mound and growing around her tight little asshole. In this particular scene Marcel Manigoti takes full advantage of her tight young body and fucks her sweet ass eventually pulling out and blowing his load directly onto her massive bush!

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Fuzzy and Fuckable

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What a Pleasant Surprise

I was browsing some porn because I was bored and when I get bored, well, I often masturbate, when I stumbled onto a site called Girlfriends Films and I thought it was one of those ‘show off your girlfriend’ sites. You know the ones where butt-hurt guys send in nudie pics of their ex-girlfriends that was shared in trust but now the guy is so sour that he’s hellbent to get revenge by having the whole world see her naked. Basically crybaby assholes.

Well, I fucking love those sites. Not that some guys’ revenge part gives me a kick and neither that I’m a sadist and relish in the pain of some random chick’s hurt over her twat all over the net. Nope, it’s because I get turned on by the taboo of it as well as the voyeurism. Yup, I’m freaky like that.

So I popped into the site and it wasn’t that at all. It was actually about lesbians, that was what the girlfriends parts meant and they were getting stuck into each other seven ways from Sunday.

I was not disappointing and then especially so when I noticed there’s a $30 discount offer from Girlfriends Films.


Keep That Kitty Kat Warm

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Let’s face it, hair on a woman is hot. I’m not saying I like a girl that looks like a grizzly bear but a little hair isn’t a bad thing. It lets me know she’s a grown woman. I don’t want long armpit hair or leg hair, but on the pussy I like a little peach fuzz. I’m honestly ok with it on the asshole too. Women get too out of control with shaving. They shave or wax just about every part of their bodies. Eyebrows, upper lip, armpits, I’ve known girls to shave their arms, their pussies, assholes and legs. Now just think about how much time it must take to do all that grooming. Or if they go somewhere to have the hair waxed how much that must cost.  

I say save time and money and keep it is what I say. Let me feel the fur.

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Sexy Japanese Girls Showing All Their Sex Tricks

There are so many sites out there claiming to have the hottest young Japanese girls for your pleasure. But unfortunately, so many of those sites are full of shit. Seriously, an fairly olive skinned girl with a petit frame doesn’t pass for what I want.

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You Don’t Have to Watch Grainy 70’s Porn to Find Natural Bushes Anymore

Love looking at hot teen babes in explicit adult videos, but tired of seeing a woman’s natural body, hair and all, increasingly rare? Sometimes it seems like finding a needle in a haystack to see the womanly form the way they are mean to be. But with this hot site, you’ll find gorgeous babes who keep their sexy bushes wild and want to share them with you!

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With 4 new updates every single day, you’ll be balls deep in more hot natural honeys than you will know what to do with. Which is so refreshing considering most porn sites would have you believe that hot hairy women are practically extinct.

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Australian Amateurs

From the best of my recollection GirlsOutWest hosts media of Western Australian amateur chicks, either solo, or lesbians.

Perhaps that’s how it started out. Not that I have any evidence to substantiate this not have I bothered researching as I really don’t think it matters, but I’m not completely convinced that all the girls featured are necessarily only from Western Australia these days. It just seems too restrictive to make practical sense.

Be that as it may, the pics and scenes depict beautiful authentic amateur girls predominantly in natural setting from what I can tell. Not just natural, but literally out in nature.

Even those that are not captured in the bush, some field or on the beach have a very natural and relaxed feeling about them.

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I just seen what I think was one of the sexiest teens that I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing nude. The only let down for me and it was a big one is that she didn’t have a hairy pussy. No doubt she would have been a 10/10 if she did. It still strikes me as odd that younger girls these days think that they have to be totally shaved to get a guy to like them, if they only knew how many of us prefer hairy teen pussies it could be so different.

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Have you ever noticed how Asians don’t seem to age at all until they’re like, ancient, then all the sudden they look ancient? I don’t know what they’re secret to youth is; perhaps it’s lots of sex. You’re going to find lots of teens and younger Asian porn babes playing with their pussies and participating in some super-sexy hardcore fucking when you grab your AV Idolz biggest discount – what’s even better? You’ll definitely find some hairy pussies here, like this cute babe toying herself on the side of the tub.

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