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A Breath Of Fresh Hair

It seems like every girl I’ve slept with in the last decade at least has had a shaved pussy. I don’t understand why society has convinced girls that body hair is a bad thing. Personally, I like hair. If you do too, then you should take advantage of this lifetime discount of $13 off ATK Hairy and see babes that are comfortable in their natural state

When a girl reaches puberty, she gets pubic hair. It used to be a saying when I was growing up not to play ball unless there was hair on the field. Nowadays, all the girls shave so there’s no field to play on. The babes featured here vary in just about every way imaginable. All different ages and body types. Some of them have just a little bit of bush, while others have a full mass of hair over their clit and even hairy legs and underarms. There are more than 1,900+ gorgeous amateur cuties on display here. You’ll be able to find just the right boob size, hair color, ethnicity, and body type to get you going in no time.

Amazing Quality Porn With A Conscience

If you’re looking for porn that you can watch without feeling guilty, then this is the site for you. The content is absolutely beautiful and tastefully done. You won’t find hardcore raunch here. It’s actually quite the opposite. Right now viewers can take advantage of this $20 off discount and see what they’ve been missing.

This is a site that cares. They care about quality in front of the camera as well as behind it. They don’t look to just fill bodies. Instead, they go on missions finding the most beautiful women and the most qualified people to shoot them. They also use the best quality equipment available so they can bring viewers nothing but top-shelf porn that’s so exquisite, it can easily be considered art. There are more than 2,500+ of the most beautiful ladies in the world right here at your fingertips. If you’re looking for more personal interaction, members can even take advantage of the 24/7 cams. This is a deal that’s just too good to pass up.

Do Redheads Cum Harder?

When I look back at girls I have had sex with over the years, I realize that two of them were redheads and they also happened to be my most orgasmic partners. Both of them were crazy for sex and both were squirters. Once I’d hit the sweet spot, the redheads were the ones I can remember as having been the loudest and most vocal for me to make them cum. One of them would orgasm so hard that my cock was actually pushed out of her pussy a few times. When I lived in an apartment, I actually received a noise complaint because of how much she would scream during sex. She was a wild one, but also kind of crazy which is why I had to break up with her. I sure do miss that pussy though.

Dani Jensen is a redheaded pornstar who also cums extra hard. Her pussy hair matches the tresses up top and she is proud to show it all off. Watching her spread her legs and masturbate with a vibrator for this scene brought back some memories. Keep your volume low if you don’t want others in your house hearing her call out in ecstasy. Check out the way her leg and foot shake as she orgasms too.

See it for yourself in this hot GF video with a dripping wet pussy.

So Many Pussies To Choose From

There are lots of restaurants in my city. Pretty much anything I might want to eat, I can find here without trouble. Yet I seem to stick to the same handful of places. I always want to see the menu and I want to see lots of options on it, but then I end up ordering the same old things anyway. It’s kind of like that with porn too. I stick with specific sites and type of content. I’m a creature of habit.

I am really trying to be better and more willing to branch out into new territory, but it’s difficult. If I am paying for something, I want to know my money is going towards things that will make me happy. Sort of like Marie Kondo’s advice to only have things that spark joy. Yellow Curry sparks joy for me. Pho does not. Uncensored Asian teens whimpering and moaning while taking fat dick sparks joy. A lot of other niches do not.

To make branching out in my porn viewing habits a little easier, I have been checking out what gets posted on this hairy Asian pussy review site. It’s helping me to find sites that have enough of what I want to lure me in, as well as new stuff to keep me intrigued.

Rino Mizusawa Tickles Her Clit

A lot of Asian girls keep their pussy hairy and Rino Mizusawa is one of them. When the camera gets in close, you can see that the sides are less hairy than the top with new growth coming in so she must have shaven at some point.

There is an AV Idolz $10 off lifetime discount offer running right now and I signed up. Rino was one of the first girls I watched after clicking through to the hairy pussy category. She did not disappoint at all.

In the scene pictured above, she talks a bit to the camera, but I have no idea what she says. I understand her body language perfectly though. She slips out of her panties and spreads her legs nice and wide for a decadent view. Then she uses a small makeup brush to tickle her sensitive clit. You can see the way her body reacts to her touch by the glisten of her cooch and the twitching of her feet. She then slides her fingers in and licks the juices from her digits. She even uses lipstick to draw little hearts on her inner thighs.

a Hairy Bush and a Cute Round Tush

I love a natural woman, the type of girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. It’s so rare and special to find that quality in a teen, they’re usually so self conscious and always trying to conform to what they think others like, rather than embracing their natural sex appeal. But when you find one who shows off her hot body exactly the way it, including her hairy pussy, well that’s about the hottest thing I can think of.

Take this brunette babe Velvet here. She let’s her silky sweet bush grow wild, with her dark hairs spreading down from her mound and growing around her tight little asshole. In this particular scene Marcel Manigoti takes full advantage of her tight young body and fucks her sweet ass eventually pulling out and blowing his load directly onto her massive bush!

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Fuzzy and Fuckable

If you’re looking for gorgeous women with natural pussies, I am pleased to inform you that your search can stop right here. With ATK Hairy and more you will find all of the hot ladies in their true form to get you off time after time.

There is a massive amount of gorgeous young women here who love their bodies just how they are, and keep their sweet pussies unshaven and wild just the way we like them! You will find them showing off those hot young bodies of theirs in exclusive high definition videos and high resolution photo sets that allow you to savor the flavor of every detail!

There is a huge video archive so you can explore all of the updates that this site has ever had, as well as all of the fresh content that continues to roll in. You also get loads of bonus content from the entire network, so the variety here is just as plentiful as these girl’s pubes! Don’t miss out on your chance to get in at a crazy low price today!

What a Pleasant Surprise

I was browsing some porn because I was bored and when I get bored, well, I often masturbate, when I stumbled onto a site called Girlfriends Films and I thought it was one of those ‘show off your girlfriend’ sites. You know the ones where butt-hurt guys send in nudie pics of their ex-girlfriends that was shared in trust but now the guy is so sour that he’s hellbent to get revenge by having the whole world see her naked. Basically crybaby assholes.

Well, I fucking love those sites. Not that some guys’ revenge part gives me a kick and neither that I’m a sadist and relish in the pain of some random chick’s hurt over her twat all over the net. Nope, it’s because I get turned on by the taboo of it as well as the voyeurism. Yup, I’m freaky like that.

So I popped into the site and it wasn’t that at all. It was actually about lesbians, that was what the girlfriends parts meant and they were getting stuck into each other seven ways from Sunday.

I was not disappointing and then especially so when I noticed there’s a $30 discount offer from Girlfriends Films.


Keep That Kitty Kat Warm

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Let’s face it, hair on a woman is hot. I’m not saying I like a girl that looks like a grizzly bear but a little hair isn’t a bad thing. It lets me know she’s a grown woman. I don’t want long armpit hair or leg hair, but on the pussy I like a little peach fuzz. I’m honestly ok with it on the asshole too. Women get too out of control with shaving. They shave or wax just about every part of their bodies. Eyebrows, upper lip, armpits, I’ve known girls to shave their arms, their pussies, assholes and legs. Now just think about how much time it must take to do all that grooming. Or if they go somewhere to have the hair waxed how much that must cost.  

I say save time and money and keep it is what I say. Let me feel the fur.

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Sexy Japanese Girls Showing All Their Sex Tricks

There are so many sites out there claiming to have the hottest young Japanese girls for your pleasure. But unfortunately, so many of those sites are full of shit. Seriously, an fairly olive skinned girl with a petit frame doesn’t pass for what I want.

After searching through site after site over the years, I’ve found a few with some pretty solid content. Especially this on that showcases the sexiest little Japanese girls I’ve ever seen. Finding this site was a great discovery for me alone. But, then I found this huge fucking discount that I just couldn’t pass up. I used this 78% discount offer from and am so happy I did.

The amount of videos & photos I get for a ridiculously low price has me spreading the word. I told one buddy about it & he couldn’t believe how great the site is for such a huge discount. You’re literally paying les than 25% of the regular price, for access to the sexiest little Japanese vaginas. Like, it’s almost irresponsible not to give yourself this gift when it costs so little.