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What a Pleasant Surprise

I was browsing some porn because I was bored and when I get bored, well, I often masturbate, when I stumbled onto a site called Girlfriends Films and I thought it was one of those ‘show off your girlfriend’ sites. You know the ones where butt-hurt guys send in nudie pics of their ex-girlfriends that was shared in trust but now the guy is so sour that he’s hellbent to get revenge by having the whole world see her naked. Basically crybaby assholes.

Well, I fucking love those sites. Not that some guys’ revenge part gives me a kick and neither that I’m a sadist and relish in the pain of some random chick’s hurt over her twat all over the net. Nope, it’s because I get turned on by the taboo of it as well as the voyeurism. Yup, I’m freaky like that.

So I popped into the site and it wasn’t that at all. It was actually about lesbians, that was what the girlfriends parts meant and they were getting stuck into each other seven ways from Sunday.

I was not disappointing and then especially so when I noticed there’s a $30 discount offer from Girlfriends Films.


Keep That Kitty Kat Warm

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Let’s face it, hair on a woman is hot. I’m not saying I like a girl that looks like a grizzly bear but a little hair isn’t a bad thing. It lets me know she’s a grown woman. I don’t want long armpit hair or leg hair, but on the pussy I like a little peach fuzz. I’m honestly ok with it on the asshole too. Women get too out of control with shaving. They shave or wax just about every part of their bodies. Eyebrows, upper lip, armpits, I’ve known girls to shave their arms, their pussies, assholes and legs. Now just think about how much time it must take to do all that grooming. Or if they go somewhere to have the hair waxed how much that must cost.  

I say save time and money and keep it is what I say. Let me feel the fur.

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Australian Amateurs

From the best of my recollection GirlsOutWest hosts media of Western Australian amateur chicks, either solo, or lesbians.

Perhaps that’s how it started out. Not that I have any evidence to substantiate this not have I bothered researching as I really don’t think it matters, but I’m not completely convinced that all the girls featured are necessarily only from Western Australia these days. It just seems too restrictive to make practical sense.

Be that as it may, the pics and scenes depict beautiful authentic amateur girls predominantly in natural setting from what I can tell. Not just natural, but literally out in nature.

Even those that are not captured in the bush, some field or on the beach have a very natural and relaxed feeling about them.

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Why do most guys fail to find a local fuck?

Believe it or not, most guys fail to find sex using a fuck finder service. They really do. They join all sorts of free fuck find websites, they download all sorts of hookup apps, they create otherwise amazing online profiles, but they still end up failing again and again.

These guys are not ugly. They don’t look like Quasimodo, they don’t look like the beast in Beauty and The Beast. They don’t have some nasty body odor. And these guys are not losers. They have money; a lot of them are successful in their careers or businesses. So what gives?

Well, the reason why they’re unable to fuck local girls is because they commit serious strategic mistakes. Pay attention to the following common mistakes and seek to work around them or avoid them altogether. If you’re able to do that, you would be able to fuck more local chicks.

They put all their eggs in one basket

You have to remember that when it comes to online pussy, it’s a numbers game. In other words, you need to send out thousands of messages in the hope that maybe you would get 20 pieces of ass. That’s how it works. If you’re unwilling to play that game, I’m sorry to break this to you, but you’re probably going to be masturbating tonight and many nights afterwards.

But if you’re tired of being sad and lonely, then you need to play the game right. Never ever put all your efforts and energy on one girl. I know she may look like Angelina Jolie or Taylor Swift, but it doesn’t matter. You need to play the numbers game. You need to hit as many different women as possible.

They get too serious too quickly

You have to remember that when you join a website that facilitates sex among strangers, that’s the last website that you’re looking to find your soulmate. Do people get married from time to time? Sure they do. But for the most part, people who go to such websites are looking only for anonymous sex. Keep it at that level. Set your emotions aside and you’ll increase your level of success.

They are obviously lousy lays

If you send out signals that you are lousy in bed, women are not going to waste their time on you. I’m sorry to break this to you, but the secret is women that join these websites are looking for guys who are tried and proven in their ability to make a woman climax at least three times. If you’re unable to do that and you are obvious about it, then you are wasting your time.